Why Carnegie?

The community of Carnegie, Pennsylvania is on the brink of major community and economic development. As an area with unique regional development potential, the Carnegie Community Development Corporation has been involved in meeting and planning with some major developers who are investing in Carnegie’s future.

The strategic location of Carnegie, Pennsylvania between 2 major interstates: I-279 and I-79, en route from a Port Authority busway, and just 4 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh makes Carnegie the ideal community for developers, businesses, and home buyers.

Embracing a rich heritage of history and culture Carnegie, prides itself on the small town feel of it’s main street and neighboring areas In the age of strip malls and box stores, Carnegie is able to preserve its foundation of a tight-knit community offering a truly unique asset to region. Not often can you find this kind of treasure so close to a major metropolitan area.

Explore the Carnegie Community Development Corporation Website and see all that’s is in store for you here in Carnegie, Pennsylvania.