Joanne Letcher

Joanne Letcher is the Executive Director of the Carnegie Community Development Corporation since mid-September 2012.

She was previously on the Board of Directors for the CCDC since February 2011. She has also been the Community Life Chair of the Business District Advisory Committee (BDAC) since August of 2011. Joanne comes to the position with a lot of business experience as well. She has been a business owner in Carnegie for over 26 years (J & L Travel) and a previous building owner as well.

Joanne has also been very active in the local community through out the years. She is a member of the Carnegie Collier Rotary and is on the Board of Directors. She has previously served on the Board of the Carnegie Boys & Girls Club and was treasurer of the Carnegie Renaissance Program years ago.

She lives in Pennsbury Village with her two cats, Chewie & Louie Letcher.